Instructions For Skarsgå

Click the image of the new Skarsgå to enjoy what Alexander Skarsgård says is… “By far the best website out there.”

In order to view the site, you will need:

Your flash updated to the latest version:

  • If you are in the stone age and don’t want to switch browsers and are still running internet explorer, you will need the very latest version (8). Though, if you are using IE, I would suggest you switch to firefox: (update that as well, just to be on the safe side, though you still shouldn’t have any trouble with it if you don’t… unless it’s a really old version) because it is made of magic and stars and love and it isn’t a piece of crap like IE is.
  • Your screen should be on a higher resolution. If you are still using 800×600 screen resolution, then step up into the twenty first century and crank it up a notch or two to at least a 1200 width.

A lot of people have been asking if the comments under the news articles will be allowed on the new site… they are back. They were only taken off because it made the file size of each news post enormous and harder to transfer. Now that it’s up, however, you all can comment to your hearts’ content.

  • You will have to register for an account on the website in order to post comments though. It’s not the same as your user-name and password for the forum. But please keep your user-names the same as they are on the forum when you sign up for the website.
  • When you register, if they don’t get a response right away after clicking on the submit button, wait to get your password via email.  (You can login to change it.) If you do not receive an email, send to our tech: with the log-in name and email address used to sign up. The registration/log-in has been very touchy and the only real problems we are having with it now, is it’s not logging anyone out right away….. *evil laugh* I think it’s a conspiracy, myself. 😉
  • You will also need to update your bookmarks. 😉

And as always, we are still taking donations for the site. They are still needed cause, we’re not done yet! You can see the donate button tward the bottom inner left column as well as the DONATING TO THIS SITE thread in this forum for further details if you are interested. Any help, is always appreciated.

A special thanks goes to all the fans who have donated so far to get the site up and running; to Otoyo, bluebear_74, Sanna and Alexander for their contributions.

Have fun exploring… 😉


  • November 2009
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